OneLife Offering AT&T LTE-M Certified Health Monitoring Smartwatch OnePulse

OnePulse Smartwatch
Image: AT&T

OneLife, an Illinois-based medical software/data collection company, is offering AT&T LTE-M certified medical wearable. The wearable, in the form of a smartwatch, is the first AT&T LTE-M certified medical device offered by any company. With LTE-M certification, an IoT device can connect independently to a 4G network, without needing a smartphone or other device as a gateway.

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The OnePulse smartwatch features step tracker, heart rate monitor, activity tracker, sleep tracker, reminders, and alert technologies. Powered by AT&T wireless connectivity, the advanced wearable securely and independently transmits certain critical medical and health data to the cloud. This allows clinicians, patients and their caregivers to monitor user status and well-being, reports Nasdaq.

“Enabling AT&T connectivity for our devices is a major step in launching our ‘Hub-of-Care’ concept in becoming a leading Population Health Platform with our innovative wearable having the ability to connect patients to their caregivers, virtually in near real-time, almost anywhere in North America,” stated Robert Wagner, CEO of OneLife Technologies, Corp. “We all want the best healthcare possible – in an emergency, as we age, for our loved ones, or to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Now, that level of service is available with the AT&T-connected OnePulse medical and health smartwatch.”

Health monitoring smartwatch
Image: AT&T

OneLife’s proprietary Bluetooth protocol allows it to connect to other health and medical devices. For example, blood pressure cuff, glucometer, SPo2 monitor, weight scale, etc. can connect for collection and transmission of additional health data tracking. This provides the clinician and patient a wide-ranging view of overall health.

The benefits offered by OnePulse include:

  • 24/7 monitoring with near real-time alerts for family and/or doctor
  • Medication reminders and auto prescription refills
  • Fall detection
  • A customizable suite of services, for specialty conditions
  • Fully encrypted medical records that can be accessed via a cloud-based dashboard.
  • Artificial Intelligence analytics and predictive analysis
  • Open API allows connection to any system including Electronic Health/Medical Record platforms

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OneLife Technologies is a mobile medical software/data collection company with a suite of proprietary, patented, medical grade wearable tracking technologies designed to provide patients, physicians, nursing homes, and hospitals with 24/7 real-time centralized, personal, comprehensive health data.

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