With MOPIC Snap3D You Can Turn Your Device Into a 3D Theater

Image: Business Wire

MOPIC, a South Korean company that specializes in creating glasses-free 3D video, developed Snap3D, a 3D/VR viewer that allows users to enjoy a stereoscopic screen without the use of 3D glasses. The 3D/VR viewer, which comes in the form of a smartphone case, also allows users to play 3D games and capture 3D images. You can use Snap3D as a smartphone screen protector, and when viewing 3D videos, you simply need to attach Snap3D onto the front screen to enjoy the stereoscopic view.

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“3D/VR VOD platforms will find no reasons to refuse using the optimized 3D/VR video viewing solution provided by MOPIC,” said a MOPIC representative.

MOPIC’s 3D glasses-free 3D/VR solution, Snap3D allows easy use for numerous 3D/VR video viewers. By applying Snap3D to VOD platforms with a variety of genres in 3D/VR contents, customers can expect unlimited synergy results, reports Business Wire.

Mobile cases
Image: MOPIC

The device is being sold in more than 10 countries around the world. By applying MOPIC’s solution to VOD platforms, potential users for the VOD platform can achieved from a large pool of Snap3D users around the world.

“Assured opportunities in applying MOPIC’s solution to VOD platforms will expand the existing limited target market of 3D TV consumers to a larger pool of smartphone consumers and that MOPIC has already prepared plug-ins that are applicable to 3D/VR VOD platforms,” said the representative.

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MOPIC has its own 3D/VR video player, the Mplayer3D, and its 3D image capturing application, the Mcamera 3D, and has released 3D games that are available for free on the App Store / Google Play.

The price for the Snap 3D does not exceed $30 USD (on eBay).

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