Apple Watch Could Have Sleep Tracking by 2020, Say Rumors

Apple Watch Sleep tracker
Image: Apple

According to rumors, Apple will add the much-requested sleep tracking feature to Apple Watch by 2020. The tech giant has reportedly been secretly testing sleep tracking functionality for the Apple Watch. Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg reports that the company has been testing the feature at secret sites near Cupertino for several months.

The first Apple Watch, featured heart rate monitor. Over the past few years the Apple Watch has gained features such as barometric sensor, GPS, ECG, and fall detection.

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So far for all its watches, Apple guarantees run time of only 18 hours. If Apple is planning to include sleep tracking feature, it would have to find a way to improve its energy limitations. Bloomberg suggests that potential solutions could be an increase in battery life, a low-power overnight mode or asking users to do a quick charge in the morning.

ECG in Apple Watch

Mobi Health News asked Sumbul Desai, Apple’s VP of Health about whether Apple planned to bring its Beddit device into closer integration with the rest of its product suite.

“I would just say that we always integrate our whole ecosystem and make everything usable with our ecosystem, Desai told Mobi Health News. “Sleep, from a physician’s standpoint, we don’t ever view one piece as being the whole picture. It’s sleep, it’s activity, it’s nutrition, it’s your heart health. And so we view all of that together. We’re excited about the work that’s going on with Beddit and it’s an amazingly important effort to us.”

Sleep monitoring feature is a hot item right now. If Apple intends to compete against Fitbit, a company widely popular in the domain of fitness-tracking wearables, Apple needs to add sleep tracking features to its Apple Watch badly.

“The fact that Apple is reportedly working on a sleep tracker for the Apple Watch will significantly increase global awareness around the importance of sleep, and will lead to other companies introducing sleep tracking technology into their wearable devices,” said Amir Inditzky, CEO of corporate sleep company Dayzz.

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