Most Popular Hybrid Smartwatches This Year So Far

Popular smartwatches 2019
Image: Withings

Hybrid smartwatches are meant for the people who do not want watch dial displaying various information all the time. Hybrid smartwatches look and act like traditional wristwatches except they have few smartwatch functionalities. Here are the latest and popular hybrid smartwatches of this year so far.

Withings Steel HR

Withings Steel HR, also known as Nokia Steel HR, is a hybrid smartwatch that can track your heart. This fashionable watch has a small second dial so you can see your daily step count (your target can be set in the app), and there’s a small screen above it. It also has other features like calls, messages and events. No need to take it off when you’re in the pool; Withings Steel HR is waterproof.

Misfit Phase

With a stunning design and impressive battery life, Misfit Phase offers some really useful functionalities. The smartwatch is thick with a classic design. The impressive battery life will give you six months of run time with a single battery inside. However, it has limited functionalities which lacks heart-rate tracker and GPS, according to Tech Radar.

Garmin Vivomove HR

This is perhaps the best-looking Garmin smartwatch out there. If you’re a fitness buff, this watch is for you. With a decent battery life, Garmin Vivomove HR gives you solid gym tracking feature. It also offers a heart rate monitor and step tracking, along with gym tracking features. You can take Vivomove HR to the pool as it’s waterproof, but it’s not particularly great at tracking your swimming. There are stress-monitoring features in this watch is something you won’t get on any other hybrid watch.

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Fossil Q Commuter
Image: Fossil

Fossil Q Commuter

Fossil Q Commuter is one of the best-looking hybrid smartwatches in the market. With a rustic and stylish design this smartwatch will really attract inquiring eyes. However, it lacks many smartwatch functionalities. Fossil Q Commuter tracks your step when paired to your phone. Other features include notifications about calls, email and text messages. There’s a button that lets you turn up or down the volume while you’re listening to music and you can use it to take pictures with your phone. The best thing about this watch is its battery. You don’t need to recharge the battery but you’ll have to replace it when it dies after one year of run time.

Bellabeat Time

Bellabeat Time is a hybrid smartwatch based on a quartz movement. Besides showing the time, it connects wirelessly to the accompanying app to offer insights into your wellness. Unlike many other smartwatches, Bellabeat Time doesn’t monitor heart rate but it does offer activity and sleep tracking, which includes steps, distance, calories, active time, sleep duration, sleep quality and wake-up time.

Time also helps monitor meditation and menstrual cycles to improve overall well-being and prepare wearers to tackle stressful situations. Easily controlled vibration reminders also allow users to schedule updates to address periods of prolonged inactivity, says a press release. Taking all accumulated data into, Time uses smart algorithms to determine how resistant to stress you are.

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