Nintendo Switch is Finally Getting VR-Style Headset – Made Out of Cardboard

Nintendo Switch VR

Nintendo has launched a virtual reality kit for its Switch and it is made out of cardboard. With the new Nintendo Labo VR Kit gamers can build their own headset out of cardboard so that they can slide in the device to create basic VR technology, said Nintendo. The device is similar to Google’s Cardboard, which turns smartphones into VR goggles and was introduced almost five years ago. The official kits range from simple pianos to RC cars to robots.

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“We wanted to design an experience that encourages both virtual and real-world interactions among players,” Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s chief, said in a statement Thursday.

You get the Nintendo Labo VR Kit with the goggles, five cardboard designs (including a standard VR headset look, blaster, camera, elephant, bird and wind pedal) and software. Six new kinds of controller can be built in total, then combined, allowing for experiences like shooting alien invaders using a blaster or taking photographs of an in-game ocean with a cardboard camera.


The VR headset doesn’t require a strap-on to stay affixed. Instead, users hold it up to their eyes with one hand and control games with the other.

The company said the VR kit had been built to allow people to pass the creations around the room and make them social.

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The new kit will arrive on 12 April and cost roughly $80. There’s also a $40 version that only includes the goggles, blaster design and the software.