Livongo Integrates Chronic Disease Management Service with Leading Smartwatches

Livongo chronic disease management

Livingo, a chronic disease management platform, is now available in smartwatches, including leading models from Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung. Livongo Members can now connect their smartwatches to the Livongo mobile app to receive real-time Livongo notifications on the surface of their choice enabling Livongo to provide more timely and relevant information to Members and their care teams.

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“Our smartwatch integration allows us to capture information from our Members, add it to our AI+AI engine, and return actionable, personalized, and timely information back to them,” said Dr. Jennifer Schneider, M.D., M.S., President of Livongo. “By offering another way to access personalized health insights, we are able to more easily influence positive behavior change, which we know can lead to better health.”

The Mountain View, CA-based company is also using the smartwatch integration to offer new so-called “health challenges,” which are five-day programs that area meant to help members form healthier lifestyle habits through educational content, goal setting and progress tracking. Examples of their current challenges include incorporating walking into a daily routine or replacing sugary beverages with water, the company said in a press release.

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Image: Samsung

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“We are excited to offer our Members the opportunity to conveniently access valuable health information and Health Nudges using their existing smartwatch devices,” said Livongo Chief Product Officer Amar Kendale. “As we continue to expand our Applied Health Signals platform, we can use the integration to aggregate more important health data that we can then interpret to better understand the unique needs of our Members.

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