Form Introduces Augmented Reality Swim Goggles that You Can Wear Underwater

FORM AR Goggles
Image: FORM

Sports Tech company FORM Athletica launched its Form Swim Goggles with an augmented reality display, which enable athletes to see performance metrics they need in the moment. The goggles can be worn underwater.

The device is soft like a combination of Google Glass-style AR heads-up display and Fitbit-style tracking. It is meant specifically and exclusively for swimming.

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The smart display delivers metrics like split times, distance, and more—intelligently, as you swim. Developed in collaboration with top competitive swimmers and coaches, the FORM Swim Goggles are the missing piece in every swimmer’s swim bag, according to FORM.

The googles work on either eye, you just need to turn them over (and flip the display orientation).

“Head to a pool and the only thing you need to do is tell the goggles the width of the pool you’re jumping in to. There are pre-selected options for the most common sizes, 25 meters, 25 yards, 50 meters or 50 yards, or the option for a custom size. You pick if you’re planning to do laps or drills, and you’re ready to swim, in the care of the system and its algorithms, designed to detect your swimming style,” reports EndGadget.

A woman swimming

The see-through smart display is built right into the goggles’ lens, delivering metrics without obstructing your vision.

The premium design features a hydrodynamic profile and high-grade materials, with 5 included nose bridge sizes for a watertight seal and an optimal fit.

About durability, the goggles are said to have FDA-certified silicone eye seals and the same permanent, chemical-resistant anti-fog used in diving masks. They’re also covered under a one-year limited warranty.

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Along with the googles, the FORM Swim App is also available to download for iOS and Android. The app lets you customize the metrics displayed in the goggles, review your swims out of the pool, and share your workout stats with your coach. The app can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store and Google Play.

The goggles can be ordered via for $199, and shipping is free across the U.S. and Canada.

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