Timex Launches TESLAR Watch to Combat Electromagnetic Pollution

TESLAR Watch electromagnetic pollution
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Today, we’re surrounded by all manners of technology. While technology helps us in many ways, it has some negative effects on our health and the environment as well. The most notable is the blanket of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. Mounting evidence suggest that prolonged exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation can have serious effect on our health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 30% of the population in industrial economies, approximately 300 million people, suffer from hypersensitivity due to electromagnetic frequencies. This hypersensitivity can cause stress, anxiety, low energy, poor sleep, dizziness, and hormone imbalance. Now, Timex Group Luxury Division has launched TESLAR Watch, which is supposed to resist the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution coming from today’s technology such as cell phones, computers, tablets, Wi-Fi, etc., TESLAR said in a press release.

“Timex Group is proud to be at the forefront of wearable wellness with the launch of TESLAR Watch, combining Swiss precision with TESLAR technology.” says Paolo Marai President & CEO of Timex Group Luxury Division.

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Image: TESLAR (PRNewswire photo)

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Each TESLAR timepiece features proprietary TESLAR Technology – a Turbo Chip that works in synchronization with the battery of the watch to mimic Earth’s natural frequency. The technology utilizes the measurable electric field in the watch’s battery along with the magnetic field of the coil in order to create a zero-point waveform with a scalar pulse of 7 to 9 times per second (7-9Hz). This frequency is transmitted into the body’s energy system through the chip on the back of the timepiece, strengthening the body’s natural bio-field to better defend itself from electromagnetic exposure.

Studies conducted in laboratories showed that the watch may reduce negative effects of stress, help the body resist effects of Electromagnetic force (EMFs), and boost immune response in the presence of EMFs.

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Timex is launching the TESLAR Watch in 29 distinct styles across three core collections: Re-Balance T-1, Re-Balance T-2, Re-Balance T-3. The watches are available for both men and women and can be ordered via Teslar website.

Prices range from $595-$1,195.

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