BioHiTech to Provide Its Revolution Series Digesters and Data Analytics Platform to Carnival

BioHiTech Carnival purchase deal
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BioHiTech Global, a technology and services company that provides cost-effective and sustainable waste management solutions, and Carnival corporation signed a purchase contract where BioHiTech will provide its Revolution Series Digesters and data analytics platform to certain Carnival cruise ships. Through the contract, Carnival can potentially acquire several hundred units of the Revolution Series Digesters.

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The goal of the partnership is to reduce the cruise operator’s carbon footprint and capture plastics through an automated and natural processing of food waste.

BioHiTech will provide each ship designated by Carnival with multiple Revolution Series Digesters as well as ongoing cloud-based data analytics and supplies. BioHiTech’s Revolution Series Digesters will help reduce the environmental impact of Carnival’s operations by safely disposing of food waste on-site, limiting the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from conventional processing systems. The Company’s data analytics platform will also provide real-time supply chain transparency to help in Carnival’s food waste reduction efforts, says a press release.

Waste recycler
BioHiTech Sapling & BioHiTech Sequoia are large, high volume machines that can process up to 2400 lbs (1100 kg) of food waste per day (Image: BioHiTech)

“We are excited to partner with the team at Carnival to assist in their ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses and achieve important sustainability goals,” said Frank E. Celli, CEO of BioHiTech.  “We are committed to helping businesses reduce their environmental impact through smarter technology and believe this partnership is part of a growing trend toward the adoption of our sustainable solutions by companies all over the world.  We look forward to providing Carnival with the tools and support to move to the forefront of sustainability in the cruise industry.”

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BioHiTech’s cost-effective technology solutions include the patented processing of municipal solid waste into a valuable renewable fuel, biological disposal of food waste on-site, and proprietary real-time data analytics tools to reduce food waste generation. Our unique solutions enable businesses and municipalities of all sizes to lower disposal costs while having a positive impact on the environment.  When used individually or in combination, our solutions lower the carbon footprint associated with waste transportation and can reduce or virtually eliminate landfill usage.

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