Halo Launches Wireless, USB Battery Charging Solution for True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Halo TWS chargers
Image: Halo Microelectronics

Halo Microelectronics introduced three new battery charging solutions that are optimized for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) applications: HL6111R 5W Wireless Receiver, HL7090 Switching charger and HL7046 Linear charger. Halo, with its wide-range of battery charging and DC-DC products, has been enabling market leading portable devices since 2012. With these market proven IP’s, Halo has developed battery charging solutions that are ideal for the growing TWS market.

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Like other wearables, TWS needs to be optimized for size and power. Halo’s new products are specifically designed to meet these demanding size and power requirements of TWS. HL6111R 5W Qi™ compatible wireless receiver solution is a compact solution designed for the charging cases.  For the battery charging, Halo offers both an HL7046 linear charger and an HL7090 switching charger for the earbuds and for the charging cases. Depending on application needs, either solution can be adopted.  In addition to these devices, Halo also provides a total reference design with board schematics and firmware to shorten the time to market, the company said in a press release.

“Halo is unique in offering these new products optimized for TWS applications,” said David Nam, CEO of Halo Micro. “With its low power consumption and highest efficiency wireless receiver and battery chargers, Halo is enabling the best user experience possible. With wealth of market proven IP’s and fast execution, Halo will continue to deliver application specific power management devices that perfectly fit customer’s needs.”

A mobile phone on a charging pad
Image: Halo Microelectronics

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Key features and Benefits of the three fast charging solutions

HL6111R 5W Wireless receiver

  • Extremely low 7µA standby current
  • Integrated buck regulator with high-efficiency bypass mode
  • Fully programmable output Voltage and Current
  • Comprehensive protection: Input & output power monitoring, OVP, OCP, OTP
  • WLCSP or QFN package offered

HL7090 Switching charger

  • Max charging current of 900mA
  • Two channels with 100mA current limit for earbud charging
  • Small 2.2µH inductor

HL7046 Linear Charger

  • 3.7V to 6.0V input voltage operation range
  • 500mA max charging current with power path
  • ±0.5% battery voltage regulation accuracy
  • Small WLCSP-9 package
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