LifeOmic Launches New Features on its Intermittent Fasting and Precision Health Apps

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LifeOmic, maker of LIFE mobile apps and the Precision Health Cloud platform, announced new features on its LIFE Extend and LIFE Fasting Tracker mobile apps. The intermittent fasting (IF) app and precision health app have empowered over 1 million new users in 2019 to lose weight and live healthier.

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“We’re so proud of the positive changes our users have made to improve their health in 2019 and we want to continuously evolve our apps to strengthen those transformations in the year to come,” said Dr. Don Brown, CEO and founder of LifeOmic. “We believe these new features will motivate our users and enable them to build healthy habits.”

The LIFE Fasting Tracker enables users to track their eating habits, monitor mood, and record parameters such as their weight, blood glucose, and ketones, to sustain and improve metabolic health. LifeOmic’s second app in its portfolio, LIFE Extend, guides users in adopting five “pillars of health” which are scientifically demonstrated to stave off chronic diseases of aging and increase lifespan. Fasting is included in the five pillars of health along with nutrition, physical activity, sleep and mindfulness, the company said in a press release.

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The updates, which are available now, include:

  • Integration of wearables to access activity, sleep, weight and more from Fitbit, Apple HealthKit and Oura Rings
  • Exclusive discounts and offers with a variety of wellness goods and services, including a partnership with Oura Ring
  • Availability in Spanish and German languages of the app. Portuguese, French, Turkish and Arabic to come soon
  • Personalized coaching and expert advice from highly qualified and credentialed coaches with special knowledge in one or more of the five pillars
  • Profile enhancements to create an even smoother social sharing experience of one’s health journey
  • A marketplace with various health-related calculators and screening tools to help users better understand their personal health

To further encourage healthy behavior and a well-rounded 2020, on January 1st, LifeOmic kicked off a free New Year’s Resolution health challenge through the LIFE Extend app. Each day, there will be a specific challenge within each pillar of health on the app.

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Based in Indianapolis, IN, LifeOmic Powers Precision Medicine with a secure cloud-based solution for storage, analysis, and clinical use of genomic and other digital information.

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