PROTXX Collaborates with Healthcare Providers, Universities and Machine Learning Developers in Alberta

PROTXX collaboration in Alberta
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Silicon Valley-based digital healthcare technology pioneer PROTXX, Inc. announced a broad collaboration with Alberta-based organizations. These organizations include Alberta Health Services (AHS), independent clinical healthcare providers, machine learning developers, and three universities in Alberta. Pilot testing of the PROTXX precision medicine platform has been launched to quantify corresponding improvements in healthcare service quality, patient outcomes, and provider economics.

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“Alberta’s unique combination of healthcare innovation initiatives, world-class research institutions, and economic diversification strategy presents exciting  opportunities for PROTXX to expand the development and commercial deployment of our innovations in wearable devices and machine learning, and to prove out the economic value of more quantified management of medical conditions that affect global patient populations numbering in the billions,” said PROTXX CEO and Founder, John Ralston.

The PROTXX precision medicine platform integrates wearable sensor and machine learning innovations to replace bulky and expensive clinical equipment and time-consuming testing procedures for a variety of complex medical conditions. PROTXX sensors are designed to be worn unobtrusively by users of any age and in any clinical, athletic, industrial, or military environment, significantly expanding patient and provider access, enabling continuous and remote patient monitoring, and enhancing the value of telemedicine initiatives, says a press release.

A man wearing a medical wearable device behind the ear

Multiple stakeholders within the Alberta healthcare ecosystem have identified an exciting range of innovative applications in clinical diagnoses, treatment, and rehabilitation of complex medical conditions including injuries such as concussions, diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, and age-related disorders such as stroke. The ease of use and level of quantitative assessment enabled by the PROTXX platform provide opportunities for better healthcare quality, outcomes, and value for large and diverse groups of Albertans.

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“I want to commend PROTXX for choosing Alberta. Our province has a dynamic healthcare innovation ecosystem – and being recognized for our talent and expertise is a huge win that will spur future developments across multiple sectors of the economy,” said Tanya Fir, Alberta Minister of Economic Development. “These pilots also support the strategic focus our province is taking for economic development through innovation, and I look forward to what’s in store for the future.”

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