Sensoria Announces Total End-to-End Knee Replacement Surgery at the CES 2020

Sensoria knee replacement surgery
Image: Sensoria Health

At the recently concluded CES 2020, Sensoria Health, an Italian company, announced that it has partnered with Bologna, Italy-based Rejoint for the first end-to-end knee replacement surgery experience.

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Total knee replacement or arthroplasty is a procedure where the articular surface of a musculoskeletal joint is replaced, remodeled, or realigned by osteotomy or some other procedure. It is an elective procedure that is done to relieve pain and restore function to the joint after damage by arthritis or some other type of trauma. It has become some of the common surgeries performed in hospitals today, reports MedGadget.

“In the United States there will be around a million procedures related to total knee replacement this year,” said Davide Vigano, Cofounder and CEO of Sensoria Health.

Together with rejoint, Sensoria created a custom-built, 3-D printed cobalt chrome knee replacement meant to reduce risk of pain or additional surgery. To combine this experience, Sensoria designed wearable devices.

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Image: Sensoria Health

Sensoria’s socks feature textile pressure sensors to monitor balance and weight-loading of the patient. It’s important to maintain balance after surgery so that the prosthetic device can set with the bone, said Vigano.

The company developed knee brace to monitor rehab process of the patient. It monitors number of repetitions, range of motion of the knee, flex of the knee, extension of the knee and pain level.

Since Sensoria Health’s inception in November of 2017, the company has already joined forces with prestigious and innovative IoME Alliance Partners, including Genesis Rehab Services (GRS), Focus Motion, Optima Molliter and upBed.

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CEO of Focus Motion, Cavan Canavan also stated, “Sensoria Core enabled us to build reliable, accurate algorithms for orthopedic recovery, including intricate, dialectic components such as Range of Motion, Consistency, Duration, and Pause. Sensoria Core is the perfect solution to build an IoME implementation that meets the needs of a growing market in Total Knee Arthroplasty rehab and beyond.”

Sensoria’s device has been clinically validated by Cleveland Clinic in a recently published clinical study, Vigano said.

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