SmartTools Presents Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs for Athletes at CES 2020

SmartCuffs blood flow restriction
Image: GlobeNewsWire Press Release

SmartTools, a Cleveland, Ohio-based provider of blood flow restriction training and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, launched blood flow restriction (BFR) cuffs for athletes and extreme fitness enthusiasts at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas. BFR is traditionally used in rehabilitation centers, since the process of restricting blood flow to your muscles can actually minimize loss of muscle mass.

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Dubbed SmartCuffs, the inflatable cuffs are designed to be strapped on the upper arm or thigh to practice BFR training as a way to help build muscle and strength, reports Globe News Wire.

Besides enhancing muscle strength and stimulating muscle growth, this device reduces stress on joints since BFR is practiced primarily with low intensity resistance training.

“As the fitness industry continues to grow rapidly, so does the demand for new and innovative training tools,” said Nicholas Colosi, founder of SmartTools. “We see tremendous value in introducing these consumer friendly cuffs to the public and are excited to expand the reach of BFR beyond clinical and educate the fitness community on the safety and benefits of this technique.”

BFR Cuffs for athletes
Image: SmartTools

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The device is actually the third iteration of the existing SmartCuffs. What makes this new version different than the last ones are:

  • Automated pump. Allows a user to place cuffs on designated areas of the body and watch the bands constrict to the appropriate degree, without manually pumping, to reach prime restriction pressure.
  • This model has built in safety mechanisms, such as auto-shut off, if the pressure is over what is recommend for that given person.
  • A more rugged design built to handle the rigors of everyday use in any setting (gym, home, work, etc.)

The company is taking preorders for $199 and the device will be shipped on July 31st, according to SmartTools.

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