Music Fingers Wearable Lets You Make Music With Your Fingertips Even While You’re On The Go

Music Fingers wearable
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Music Fingers is a wearable instrument and playful technology that’s designed to create music and to play along just by tapping your fingers. The overwhelmingly positive response during beta tests led to the launch of a Kickstarter campaign this week to bring the playful technology a step closer to widespread availability, the company said.

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Music Fingers is the brainchild of a group of friends and musicians with some tech savvy who wanted to be able to make music wherever they went. Users simply assign instruments, beats, tracks and notes to the device via the Music Fingers app (for iOS or Android) that includes a menu of options to choose from that spans all genres. They then slip a finger into the thimble-like device and can tap away to their favorite songs or create their own on any surface – whether a knee or a table or anything in between. The lightweight, wireless device allows for freedom of movement and fits any sized-hand, says a press release.

Music fingers

“At first, my friends and I set out to create something that allowed our group to make music on-the-go. I mean, let’s face it, it’s not realistic to tote drum-sets and guitars from place to place and that was limiting our enjoyment of a shared interest,” said Carlos Mateo, CEO. “Once we made our first prototype, we realized that there was a broad audience of people just like us whose pursuit of music-making was limited by logistics or the expense of instruments.”

Mateo said that, with Music Fingers, users can record their own samples, sing along to the music they make, and combine sounds with physical instruments or with others’ Music Fingers.

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And because the founders inherently believe that music is indeed the universal language, they built a tech platform to facilitate the development of an online community that shares with each other how it uses Music Fingers. They, in fact, say that interaction among customers is a core pillar of their business. They have also ensured that the materials used in product production are recyclable.

The Music Fingers Kickstarter offers early supporters a variety of ways to participate with rewards available. The creators expect the project to resonate with everyday music fans as well as professional musicians, songwriters and producers.

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