Solos Launches AirGo – Smartglasses Infused with Wellbeing and Fashion

Solos AirGo
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Solos, a tech start-up spun off from US-based Kopin Corporation, is launching new smartglasses infused with wellbeing tech and fashion. AirGo™ is a smart eyewear with fitness and audio functions, but also a novelty for fashionistas who embrace changing. With a pair of detachable smart temples, it allows you to switch your own frames among different shapes, sizes, colors, materials to express your own fashion style.

Solos’ engineers designed Lego-like temples that allow you to flexibly change different eyewear frames, says a press release.

Solos aims at integrate digital health tracking, audio entertainment and personal assistance into one eyewear with the help of their in-house developed mobile app.

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The free mobile app is designed to help Solos smart glasses’ users benefit from an increasing feeling of well-being. You can get guidance and motivation with Solos AirGo to build healthy habits that help you to achieve your targeted fitness goals. Furthermore, Solos AirGo is also your personal audio assistant.

The app has 2 interfaces:

AI Coach

  • Exercise helps track your all-day fitness activity — distance, current pacing, moving time, step count and heart rate, also automatically calculates your current stride, current cadence and left-right balance based on certain factors.
  • Posture Training helps you to maintain in proper posture to keep your head straight during running, reducing the chance of causing neck, shoulders and back pain.
  • Cadence Training helps to train yourself to run at your optimal cadence in order to reduce over-striding and decrease the impact forces on your muscles and bones, minimizing the risk of injury.
Image: Solos

AI Care

  • Posture Monitor helps monitor your posture and remind you to stay with good one and do certain exercises from the level of “Easy” to “Expert”.
  • Posture Exercise allows you to do some posture-related exercise i.e. head nod up-and-down, head turn left-and-right, head tilt left-and-right.
  • Stretch Exercise is a posture technique helping to improve your muscle flexibility and range of motion.
  • Squat is designed in this app as an advanced workout for helping the users to build muscle, improve flexibility and maintain balance.
  • Drink water reminder allows you to set recurrent reminders for keeping you the intake of enough water daily.

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Other features include:

  • Patented Whisper™ Audio Technology This built-in noise cancellation technology provides a great ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) performance and clear voice communication under a very noisy environment.
  • Directional Stereo Speakers The dual speakers with directional sound beams allow you to soak up the atmosphere of thrilled music on the go while the semi-open design lets you alert the surroundings.
  • Smart Mobile Apps AirGo + Zello = Your hands-free Walkie Talkie. AirGo + Google Translation = Your personal interpreter. AirGo + Google Map = Your audio navigator.
  • Easy Gesture Monitoring By Touch Sensing, Proximity Sensing, 9-axis Sensing, Tap Control and Multi-Function Buttons, it is easy and efficient to control the smart glasses by gesture.
  • Find Devices Using the “Find Device” function from AirGo App, you can easily locate your phone or Solos smart glasses.
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