This Smart Armband Monitors Athletic Performance and Unlocks Advanced Training Insights

Mio Labs MioPOD Armband

Mio Labs is a Portland, Oregon-based heart rate wearable maker. The company has helped athletes of all levels increase their performance with making the heart rate monitoring easy and accurate to train with in a workout.

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The company’s first product mioPOD is a wearable device that provides real-time accurate heart-rate information. It alerts and guides you towards the right exercising intensity based on your personal training target. It provides:

  • Accurate Heart Rate
  • Cardio Pilot™
  • Haptic Cardio Alerts
  • Workout Memory
  • Training Insights

Cardio Pilot™ technology

Cardio Pilot technology allows members to get in the zone, see real time intensity with guided heart rate zone color lights and haptic alert technology.

Training Load. Reports how hard you’ve been working over the past 7 days, by calculating the accumulated impact of all heart rate recorded training. Each workout is converted into EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) values which is the foundation for the Training Load estimation.

Athletes in a gym
Image: Mio Labs

Why MioPOD is a Better Heart Rate Monitor?

Wrist-worn optical heart rate sensors often perform fine on flat roads or same-paced exercise, but they are often susceptible to inaccuracies during irregular intensity training such as HIIT workouts, mountain biking, weight-training or body-weight exercises.

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Wearing the mioPOD on your forearm or upper arm generates a cleaner signal with less noise since it is located closer to your core and more resilient to blood flow artifacts which allows for more accurate heart rate tracking.

MIO is compatible with:

  • SelfLoops
  • FitMetrix
  • Performance IQ

Mio Labs mioPOD is designed with 5 ATM water-resistant, 24 hours of battery life, and an ability to store 30 hours of workouts. It is very easy to connect this stylish tracker with Mio APP. Three available connectivity are: NFC, BLE, and ANT.

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