Vuzix Blade and M400 Augmented Reality Glasses to Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic

Vuzix to fight coronavirus
Image: Vuzix

Vuzix Blade smartglasses have been selected by X.Labs, developer of SWORD weapon detection system, as the optional smart glasses companion for Feevr, an AI-based system for screening and detecting individuals in a crowd that have an elevated temperature. At the same time, the company also received follow-on order for 110 M400 smartglasses from 1Minuut Innovation for COVID-19 healthcare needs in the Netherlands.

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X.Labs Feevr

Vuzix received an initial payment upfront from X.Labs and will immediately ship 100 Vuzix Blade Smart Glasses to support the launch of Feevr.  X.Labs expects to begin shipping Feevr units to customers beginning March 26, 2020.

“Vuzix is excited to be working with the X.Labs to provide a smart glasses solution that can deliver critical information on demand as needed to Feevr users,” said Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix.

Feevr is a completely mobile platform that utilizes a thermal imaging camera with best-in-class thermal sensitivity and an AI-based mobile app integrated with an Android device. Feevr’s non-contact-based solution automatically provides a discreet alert when a scanned individual’s temperature exceeds a predetermined threshold, enabling users to efficiently and effectively identify individuals who may require further medical examination. Elevated temperature is one of the key indicators of COVID-19.

When Feevr is paired and integrated with the Vuzix Blade, users will receive a real-time alert on the heads-up display of the Vuzix smart glasses, allowing the glasses wearer to stay engaged with their environment while also simultaneously receiving critical alerts from Feevr, says a press release.

“Vuzix Blade provides a see-through display that allows our customers to receive real-time alerts from our Feevr solution while staying engaged with their environment,” said Barry Oberholzer, Founder and CEO of X.Labs.

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Image: Vuzix

1Minuut Innovation

1Minuut Innovation is a Dutch medical services company. The M400 smartglasses will be used for general telemedicine and to support 1Minuut Innovation in response to COVID-19 healthcare needs in the Netherlands.

1Minuut’s main focus is to deliver highly secured video streaming and recording through their Genzõ mobile software platform.  Genzõ facilitates an easy-to-use, safe and mobile communications platform to chat or video call using Vuzix Smart Glasses, delivering medical expertise across multiple use cases in healthcare. The Point of View (PoV) of the care practitioner wearing the Vuzix Smart Glasses makes it easy for external highly skilled colleagues to give help.  The care practitioner has their hands free all the time while receiving visual and voice expert feedback on their Vuzix Smart Glasses. Using AR overlays, Genzõ makes it easy to point to a certain area on the live video screen or give textual feedback.

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“In this time of crisis, when The Netherlands is flooded with the widespread Corona virus, smart glasses are proving to be an efficient way to keep key professionals at a safe distance while not sacrificing the quality of care in quarantine environments,” said Martijn de Groot, CEO and Co-Founder of 1Minuut Innovation.

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