Advanced Remote Monitoring Partners with Wearable Maker KaHa for Continuous COVID-19 Monitoring

AARM KaHa partnership
Image: AARM

Remote Patient Monitoring specialist, Assisted and Advanced Remote Monitoring LLC (AARM) and sister company, AWI announced partnership with wearables developer KaHa to provide a 360-degree solution for monitoring and isolating potential COVID-19 cases.

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CONTINUOUS COVID MONITORING+ utilizes smart wearables like the armtrackrCCM+ wristband to monitor temperature, heart rate and other metrics, providing real-time data to doctors remotely, including heat maps displaying spread of the virus in particular areas for quick response. Both detects and reinforces social distancing and quarantine requirements, by alerting patient, doctor, or even authorities, says a press release.

A key challenge is the difficulty detecting, monitoring, and tracking infected individuals and protecting those at risk. CCM+ utilizes connected wearable devices to track a patient’s movements and their vitals like temperature, heart rate or blood pressure remotely.

This is how it works

The patient places the armtrackrCCM+ on their wrist and pairs it with a dedicated app on a smartphone. Real-time continuous data immediately starts streaming to the ‘yes doctor’ dashboard, telling their doctor about temperature and heart rate amongst other metrics. If anomalies are detected, the device advises the user to seek medical attention and prompts them to report any other symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, and so on, providing actionable intelligence on patients.

AARM KaHa partnership
Image: AARM

Forbes Council Member, Abigail Aboitiz, co-Founder of AARM and AWI said, “Our vision is to create the best Remote Patient Monitoring ecosystem and save the maximum number of lives. We are rolling-out CCM+ as a matter of urgency as time is of the essence in saving lives from COVID-19 and will deploy it with several key medical groups from mid-April.”

“The ongoing pandemic is a serious international public health crisis that will affect everyone, and with our partner AARM, we are setting it up carefully but speedily so it can make a measurable difference,” said KaHa Founder and CEO Pawan Gandhi. “It is a collaborative effort to solve the COVID-19 crisis and our specially designed product, algorithm, social and clinical micro-ecosystem will provide an effective tool for the patients, health providers and administrators.”

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Singapore-based KaHa is a leader in IoT technology with its patented COVE IoT platform. KaHa is a unique end-to-end Smart Wearables IoT platform company with over 2 million users globally and partnerships around the world providing health and wellness solutions.

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