Cherish Health’s [email protected] Project is Aimed at Helping Curb the Impact of COVID-19

Cherish Health Launches Safe@Home
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Cherish Health, a Cambridge, MA-based medtech company that develops AI-powered medical wearables, has launched a new initiative called Project [email protected] to help curb the impact of COVID-19. The company has been working hard with government agencies, academic research institutions, health and social care providers and payors in the US and UK to respond to the COVID-19 emergency.

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Project [email protected] is the resulting turnkey solution that includes wirelessly connected wearable biosensors, COVID-19-specific care pathways available under open source, and a command center model to support the care of individuals diagnosed with the virus where they live, or to help them return home sooner and continue to receive care upon discharge from a hospital, said a press release.

People flocking the care facilities is putting care providers at an increased risk of being exposed to the novel coronavirus. Project [email protected] leverages evidence-based and physician-vetted care pathways that are being published under open-source, the Cherish Serenity wirelessly connected disposable wearable biosensor patch, a national-scale command center and its operating model, MD teleconsultation on-demand, and locally sourced nursing, paramedicine and EMS support to allow infected individuals to remain safe while also physically isolated as they receive care where they live or in care facilities.

Cherish Health’s initiative will not only support these organizations to withstand the current emergency but also help them build resilience as they anticipate recurring waves of COVID-19 infections as well as its knock-on effects on the populations they serve.

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Here’s What Project [email protected] Does

  • Monitors you in your home, and shares important information with care providers and health professionals
  • Provides diagnostic testing, in-home oxygen, and in-home services such as nursing care, community paramedicine, and doctor consultations
  • Offers a less expensive and less disruptive alternative to overtaxed resources such as emergency rooms, doctor’s offices, and health centers
  • Mobilizes a response team to safely transport anyone who needs emergency or hospital care to facilities prepared to provide it

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Cherish Health develops advanced sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) combined with medical evidence and human touch to pioneer solutions to help improve people’s lives and proactively enable their care where they live, work, and play. The company aims to improve the lives of elderly or frail individuals by enabling them to live independently at home and in supervised residential settings with more safety, companionship, and joy.

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