Mendi Brain-Training Headset Lets You Train Your Brain Like You Would a Muscle

Mendi brain training headset
Image: Mendi

We often overlook the power of our brains. We can achieve many things if we train our brain properly. Mendi’s lab-tested technology in combination with brain-monitoring wearable can train your brain just like you would a bicep.

Mendi is the first clinical-grade brain training product designed for home use. Its brain enhancement training is used by top athletes and executives to improve mental well-being, performance & overall health. With Mendi you can strengthen your brain anytime, anywhere.

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Using a brain-computer interface, you can train your brain to function better; this method is called neurofeedback. Neurofeedback provides real-time displays of a person’s brain activity. To improve brain function, neurofeedback methods use brain training techniques together with imaging of neural activity. Up to now, this has usually taken place in clinics and can be expensive, where a traditional method of brain enhancement may cost you $15,000 or more. With Mendi you can perform unlimited clinical-grade neurofeedback training for a fraction of the price.

Your brain creates pathways automatically, helping you function without having to make decisions every second. These pathways become your brain’s habits.

Unfortunately, your brain will also naturally develop negative pathways, which appear in different forms such as stress, anxiety, or inability to focus. These negative pathways will often increase if they are not addressed, leading to poor mental or physical health.

Mendi’s headset measures your brain activity through a unique combination of features, including blood flow and oxygenation in the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC). The PFC is the control center of your brain. Increasing blood flow, nutrients and oxygenation to this area strengthen it over time—which is what you learn to do with Mendi.

Your combined brain activity is then visualized in a training game – a game you control using only your brain.

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Schools in the U.S. and Sweden are already using Mendi with students ranging from kindergarten to high school (Image: Mendi)

Mendi is designed and manufactured in Sweden. Looking for ways to improve their own mental fitness, Mendi founders Sammy and Rickard discovered the challenges to accessing neurofeedback technology and training. After getting heavily involved with neurofeedback clinics, they saw the lives of many people improve with this form of training and decided to use their engineering backgrounds to create Mendi.

“We’re driven by the technology and research available today to make brain-changing experiences available to everyone. As the science continues to advance and we learn from our customers, we are dedicated to continuously improving Mendi and the benefits it can provide our users,” they said.

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The company’s Kickstarter campaign has been a successful one. Its more than 800 backers already pledged five times (US$ 250,571) the amount of its US$ 50,000 goal.

The headset is light, weighing only 55 grams and the battery lasts up to 5 hours on a single charge.

You can buy the device from Kickstarter for an early-bird price of $299. This is 40% off the $499 you’ll need to pay for it when it hits retail in 2021. The headset comes in White or Orange. Delivery is expected in August.

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