Modjoul Wants to Bring America Back to Work By Protecting Frontline Workers in Their Fight Against COVID-19

Modjoul Employee Tracking Platform
Image: Modjoul

Clemson, South Carolina-based Modjoul is a wearable platform company that uses sensor technology to gather information in real-time. The Modjoul team has developed a return to work plan. Their technology can be used to protect the frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19 and help America get back to work, said the company.

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Eric Martinez, the founder and CEO of modjoul, recounted the incident, “Last month, a personal friend of mine Dr. Adel El-Ghazzawy, called me to see if our platform could be adapted to help protect him and his colleagues by preventing them from infecting each other and their patients.”

After talking with Martinez and the modjoul team, Dr. El-Ghazzawy stated, “There is a critical need for early detection of employees who are symptomatic.”

The modjoul team accepted the challenge to get America back to work – safely. Their goal is to arrest the spread of illness and protect the country’s front-line heroes; the essential workforce and their families. Modjoul has developed a mobile application that streamlines the screening process for employee entry into the workplace, says a press release.

This is How the Platform Works

  • Before coming to work, employees answer questions like, ‘How are you feeling?’; ‘Do you have any symptoms?’ and ‘What is your temperature?’.
  • Once completed, the employee will receive a readiness score along with a unique QR code that acts as their entry document, just like a boarding pass.
  • Upon arrival at work, employers will have the ability to scan and score the data of every employee, indicating first, that they’ve been checked, and second, that they’ve been cleared to report to work.
A person showing a mobile app
Image: Modjoul

Wearable Platform

In addition to the mobile app, modjoul has developed a wearable platform that when paired can completely automate the screening process by measuring the core body temperature of every employee. Eliminating screening lines means reducing the risk of exposure, faster entry into the workplace, and peace of mind. The mobile app combined with the wearable platform provides a seamless, efficient, and documented way to manage the screening process.

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Modjoul’s platform was originally designed to monitor the user’s body mechanics to ensure their safety and compliance with the employer and OSHA policies through the use of a SmartBelt. The platform has grown to include a suite of wearables that have been implemented in numerous industries across the country and around the world with a focus on reducing injury and improving workplace safety.

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