BioButton Provides Affordable COVID-19 Symptom Monitoring For Patients At Home, Enabling Safe Return to Work

BioButton for COVID19
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Silicon Valley firm BioIntelliSense announced the advancement of its medical-grade biosensor product portfolio and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform with the introduction of the BioButton™ device. The BioButton is a coin-sized, disposable medical device that measures continuous temperature and other vital signs in patients at home, high-risk individuals, frontline healthcare professionals for a remarkable 90 days, and enables their safe return to work and school.

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BioIntelliSense’s BioButton medical-grade device and HIPAA-compliant data services enable effortless remote data capture and continuous multi-parameter monitoring of temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate at rest, body position, sleep and activity state for 90-days on a single disposable on-body sensor, says a press release.

“The introduction of the BioButton device, in combination with the BioMobile applications and enterprise triage dashboards, represents a significant advancement in making continuous medical-grade monitoring reliable, effortless and cost-effective,” said James Mault, MD, CEO of BioIntelliSense.  “The convenience of the BioButton will support a range of clinical use cases for RPM reimbursement and mass-market use to enable safe return to work or school.”

A medical wearable device
BioIntelliSense’s BioSticker is an FDA-cleared medical device that’s designed to be discreetly worn on the upper left chest for effortless remote data capture and simplistic patient experience (Image: BioIntelliSense)

The BioIntelliSense DaaS platform can be successfully applied to a wide range of COVID-19 related use cases for the monitoring of returning workforce and students, high-risk patient populations, patients in-hospital and in-home along with frontline healthcare professionals.

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About BioIntelliSense

BioIntelliSense is ushering in a new era of continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). The company offers medical-grade data services that allow for early detection of adverse trends through its proprietary biosensor technology and advanced analytics at a fraction of the cost of spot temperature measurements or traditional Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) systems. Its medical-grade Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform seamlessly captures multi-parameter vital signs, physiological biometrics and symptomatic events through effortless patient experience. The FDA-cleared BioSticker™ and BioButton™ devices make remote monitoring and early detection simple. Through the platform’s advanced analytics, clinicians will now have access to high-resolution patient trending and reporting to enable medical-grade care at home.

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