StretchSense, Maker Of Stretch Sensor Motion Capture Glove Acquires US Company MocapNow

StretchSense buys MocapNow
Image: StretchSense

StretchSense, creators of the world’s first stretch sensor motion capture glove, announced the acquisition of Seattle-based animation heavyweight MocapNow via a share swap, completing several months of negotiation.

The acquisition cements the position of the company’s product, the MoCap Pro Glove, as the leading finger tracking device in North America, reports StretchSense.

“I am super excited to have the MocapNow team on board. CJ and Ander are legends in the industry and as well as being great to work with, their decades of experience will directly improve our products and help our customers to create some truly amazing content,” said StretchSense CEO Ben O’Brien.

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The MoCap Pro Glove is used by studios developing AAA rated games, feature films and new VR experiences to capture detailed finger movements that convey the fine nuance of an actor’s performance. While various hand mocap solutions have been around for a long time, there has not been a satisfactory solution to the problem of capturing a high level of accuracy without threatening the pipeline or increasing the complexity of a busy shoot.

There is a strong need for expert motion capture support packaged with a production-ready hand capture product for studios navigating the post-COVID-19 world.

MocapNow’s hands-on game and film animation expertise combined with the MoCap Pro Glove’s unique, cutting-edge technology is a match made in heaven.

StretchSense buys MocapNow
Image: StretchSense

“The challenge of digital performance is capturing and expressing the gesture and essence of the performer. StretchSense has met that challenge head on with its incredibly expressive and sensitive glove solution and I am proud to be part of this amazing team,” said MocapNow Relationship Manager Ander Bergstrom.

With a portfolio that includes some of the best and most important video games of the past decade along with several BAFTAs and Academy Awards, MocapNow’s Ander Bergstrom and CJ Markham have worked with every hand motion capture solution available and both are excited to be teaming up with the best in the market.

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Solutions Architect CJ Markham says “The hand capture solution I’ve dreamt about for years is finally here. I’m excited to join the team that is bringing it to the world.”

With the acquisition complete, the focus for StretchSense now is to expand its reach in North America, and provide its customers with close technical support with the help from its newly established team in Seattle.

StretchSense was spun out of the University of Auckland’s world-leading Biomimetics Lab in 2012 and is the product of significant investment in cutting edge research and development.

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