Swedish Startup Flow’s Mental Health App Now Available For NHS Recommendations

NHS Can recommend Flow app for depression
Image: Flow

An app by Swedish mental health startup Flow has joined the ORCHA app library. The inclusion means that many NHS Trusts and healthcare professionals, who have their own App Library using the ORCHA platform, can now include Flow in their library and directly recommend it to their patients to reduce depression symptoms – especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. NHS organizations in around 50% of NHS regions offer libraries on ORCHA.

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While there are many treatments for depression, none of them works for everyone. The Flow – Depression app is solely based on psychological research and neuroscience. Integrating technology and behavior therapy, it represents a new chapter in the understanding and treatment of depression.

To maximize your chances of recovering from depression, the Flow depression treatment combines several evidence-based methods to reduce your symptoms. The FLOW app achieved a 72% rating at ORCHA.

After downloading Flow, patients are guided by a virtual therapist who offers personalized behavioral therapy, mood tracking and curated videos across areas proven to reduce symptoms of depression, including nutrition, exercise and sleep, reports MobiHealthNews.

A man wearing a headset
Image: Flow

During the current coronavirus pandemic, healthcare professionals can use Flow to provide patients a good understanding of what they can do to enhance their mental health. The Flow app is free on iOS and Android, and has been downloaded over 10,000 times.

The Flow app works alongside the Flow headset, a drug-free, at-home brain stimulation headset treatment for depression – the first, and only, of its type to be medically approved in the EU and UK.

Daniel Mansson, co-founder and CEO of FLOW, said he started the company together with his co-founder Erik Rehn because of the mental health crisis.

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“As a clinical psychologist, I saw how mental health services were overwhelmed by soaring demand, which left patients facing long delays to access care. Psychologists cannot serve everyone, but apps can, so we decided to create one that complements the standard care model for depression and offers healthcare professionals a scalable treatment that is effective, certified and free,” says Mansson.

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