WT | Studio: Wearables fighting the Covid-19 Crisis

Interested to learn from leading experts how Wearables can fight the Covid-19 Crisis?

Tune in and listen to:

Dr. Johannes Kreuzer – CEO, Cosinuss

Presentation Title: How In-Ear-Sensors help Covid-19 patients and doctors

Jared Dwarika – CEO, Healthcare Originals

Presentation Title:The role of everyday real time cardio-pulmonary sensor data to profile an illness, design treatment and manage the spread of it within the context of an overall health data intelligence system with the aim of reducing the negative impact of an occurrence which otherwise could have been a pandemic


Dr. Holger Hendrichs – CEO, GreenTeg AG

Presentation Title: CORE® -The first non-invasive wearable that allows to continuously measure body temperature under real life conditions with great accuracy