Vitls Wins FDA Clearance For Its Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Vitls Wins FDA Clearance
Image: Vitls

Houston, Texas-based Vitls Inc. won FDA 510(k) clearance for its Vitls Platform. The Vitls Platform is a combination of a vitals monitoring patch, cloud storage, and an app that lets clinicians monitor patients in multiple healthcare settings – from the hospital to the home.

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“Obtaining and managing patient vitals in a distributed environment can be challenging. The Vitls Platform, with its wearable device and accompanying software, offers a better chance for continuous, unobtrusive, remote monitoring, to better manage patient care in a multitude of scenarios,” said Stephen Meyer, former president & chief executive officer of Welch Allyn, reports BusinessWire.

Vitls developed a clinical-grade platform that enables healthcare providers to reliably and accurately monitor key patient vital signs in real-time. The Vitls Platform consists of Tégo, a small and unobtrusive wearable that wirelessly records vital signs; the Vitls Cloud, where data is stored and then sent to hospital systems, the Vitls App and other connected devices; and the Vitls App, which displays the data in an intuitive layout.

A mobile phone and a wearable patch
Image: Vitls

Data collected with the Vitls Platform gives healthcare providers a complete picture of a patient’s status, paving the way for early intervention and improved outcomes. Studies show that deterioration can be identified and treated more than 60 percent earlier with continuous, remote monitoring.

“When my eldest son suffered from febrile seizures, we couldn’t find anything reliable and accurate enough to alert us at the onset of his fevers; we developed Tégo to address the challenge of intermittent monitoring and late detection for both patients and clinicians,” said Werner Vorster, chief executive officer and founder of Vitls Inc. “With this FDA clearance and our US launch planned for Q3/2020, we are much closer to our goal of making continuous monitoring the standard of care in healthcare settings, as well as in the home. Healthcare needs accurate, clinical grade, continuous monitoring – especially now during COVID-19 – and we’re proud and fortunate to be in a position to help.”

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Vitls Inc. is a digital healthcare company that focuses on remote monitoring of patient vital signs throughout the care continuum. The company developed the Vitls Platform which consists of the Tégo wearable, an unobtrusive patch that continuously collects vital signs and other data from the wearer, the Vitls Cloud, and the Vitls App.

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