VOS Systems Launches Contact Tracing Platform AlertTrace To Provide Precise COVID-19 Tracing For Employees

VOS AlertTrace Contact Tracing
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VOS Systems has launched AlertTrace, an anonymous contact tracing solution for workplace safety. VOS is a joint venture of three leading U.S. technology companies: VOLT Wearable Tech, Ottogee and Scout IoT. AlertTrace provides reliable daily monitoring to record close contact interactions through wearable Bluetooth technology, then uploads interaction data with end-to-end encryption for ensured privacy and anonymity. Through the use of AlertTrace, organizations are able to react quickly and accurately to safeguard employees that may be at risk of contracting COVID-19 in the workplace.

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“The pen and paper method of contact tracing is cumbersome, time-consuming and is difficult to deploy effectively on a large scale,” said James Davis, President of Scout IoT. “We knew we had to develop an automated way to collect and quickly analyze contact tracing data while avoiding the privacy concerns that come with phone apps.”

Image: PRNewswire

Manufactured in the United States, AlertTrace is unique in having been developed by engineers specifically for contact tracing. Its data collection with true military-grade block-chain security can quickly and effectively triage those with greater risk of developing COVID-19 symptoms while also providing insight for improvements in overall workplace safety. For instant data analysis, the AlertTrace administrator dashboard provides employers with analytics derived from the AI built into an advanced IoT platform. With seamless plug and play integration, AlertTrace can be deployed in a matter of hours, says a press release.

“Improving contact tracing should not be at the expense of invading people’s privacy, location or personal phones and should not be driven by profits at a time when small and large companies are facing tremendous organizational and financial challenges,” said Omar Ghazzaoui, Founder of Ottogee, a Techstars backed company. “We made sure that Alert Trace aligns with those principles and this is what’s driving adoption by government entities and fortune 1,000 companies.”

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Currently, AlertTrace is being used in several federal pilot programs to proactively address the spread of COVID-19.

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