Nymi Launches Wearable Wristband For Health and Safety of Workers

Nymi Band for workers safety health
Image: Nymi

Nymi announced the launch of a wearable wristband for workers. The Version 3.0 Nymi Band enables industries to incorporate Nymi’s password-less technology to ensure the health, safety, and security of connected workers. The Nymi Band ensures zero-trust security principles and access control using fingerprint and heartbeat biometrics enabling a range of use cases that includes COVID-19 social distancing and contact tracing among others.

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According to IDC, digital transformation (DX) spending will approach $1.3 trillion in 2020, with digitally-enhanced workers becoming more effective and functional by at least 35% next year. Workplace wearables for connected workers have become a vital component of DX strategies and are projected to exceed $60 billion globally by 2022 (Deloitte). The Nymi Band addresses the challenges of digitally-led initiatives that, coupled with unprecedented obstacles from the COVID-19 pandemic, require a unique approach to employee health, safety, and security, says a press release.

“Many organizations operate in extremely complex and regulated environments that make digital transformation, security and now, with COVID-19, health and safety for every worker a challenge,” said Chris Sullivan, CEO of Nymi. “With Nymi, you get a safer, more productive and more secure way to come back to work.”

Nymi Band uses fingerprint and heart rhythm to bind the user to the band. So, the wearer’s identity is secured. The On-Body Detection (OBD) feature to ensures that the band is always on the intended user and the user is actually there. Finally, it uses cryptography to mathematically prove the user’s identity to the network.

Wearables for workers
Image: Nymi

Unlike smartphones or consumer wearables, Nymi Band has a very long battery life, cannot be breached from the Internet, and is cleanable to standards that make it useful in secure environments, clean rooms and in operational environments where it simply must work flawlessly for long periods of time.

The Band is designed for workplace use by technicians, engineers, and active workers in sectors such as pharmaceutical and device manufacturing, medical equipment, chemicals, building management, and industrial manufacturing.

The Nymi Band works underneath uniforms or personal protective equipment (PPE). Connected workers get access to buildings, computers or factory equipment with a hands-free, proximity-based tap or gesture. Moreover, connected workers such as pharmacy technicians and researchers can now efficiently and seamlessly sign hundreds of digital documents per day without the need to re-authenticate themselves prior to completing each task.

For social distancing and contact tracing, the Nymi Band’s location-sensing function determines the proximity to other Nymi Bands and alerts each user of distancing events.

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“The Nymi Band understands if employees have encountered a COVID-19 positive co-worker, the proximity between an employee and dangerous industrial equipment or the location of employees during a crisis,” said David Rai, COO of Nymi. “Our technology is designed to add new uses cases as our customers continue their DX evolution.”

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