U‑Blox Launches M10 Ultra Low Power GNSS Platform for Wearables and Industrial Applications

U blox Launches M10 platform
Image: U-blox

U-blox, a global provider of leading positioning and wireless communication technologies, has launched a new highly integrated global navigation satellite system (GNSS) platform designed for ultra-low power high-performance positioning applications. The U‑blox M10 delivers precise positioning performance in a wide range of applications such as sport watches or asset and livestock trackers, all in an extremely compact format and with very long battery life.

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Tailored to the needs of wearable and industrial applications, the u‑blox M10 platform can track up to four GNSS constellations at once to deliver positioning data even in challenging environments such as deep urban canyons. It delivers ultra-low power positioning in an ultra-compact form factor without sacrificing accuracy and availability.

With 12 mW power consumption in continuous tracking mode and high RF sensitivity that cuts the time required to establish a position fix, the u‑blox M10 platform is ideal for small battery-powered applications. The platform features advanced jamming, spoofing, and RF interference mitigation, as well as Super-S technology to boost performance in weak signal environments or when used with small antennas, making it ideal for compact product designs, reports U-blox.

This new GNSS platform will be supported by AssistNow, u‑blox’s well established assisted GNSS service, to accelerate positioning and improve accuracy. Depending on the required level of assistance, the service is available free of charge or for a recurring fee.

A tiny chip

The u‑blox M10 platform benefits from u‑blox’s experience in building robust GNSS receivers, incorporating proven techniques for detecting spoofed signals through the analysis of raw GNSS data, jamming-detection strategies, and embedded filters to mitigate the effects of in-band RF interference.

“u‑blox can be proud of over 20 years of experience with GNSS technology, and with u‑blox M10 we are setting a new benchmark in ultra-low power high-performance positioning applications,” says Bernd Heidtmann, Product Manager, Product Center Positioning, u‑blox. “We have increased concurrent reception of satellite signals by a GNSS platform from three to four constellations and improved the power consumption level five-fold compared to previous generations while shrinking the chip size by 35 percent.”

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The first products based on the u‑blox M10 positioning platform are the MAX- M10S GNSS module and the UBX-M10050 GNSS chipset, which are both available now.

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