SMASH – Sweat Metabolite Analysis for Sports and Health

SMASH is a non-invasive, multi-parametric wearable sensor for continuous monitoring of glucose and lactate, Ktones and Cortisol levels. Through an innovative patented microfluidic system, the sensor is able to collect sweat from the skin, analyses the biomarkers level, and continuously replenish the reservoir with fresh sweat for updated data.

Diabetes has been an ever growing worldwide major health problem with no reliable cure, the number of diabetic patients are on a constant increase with no signs of slowing down. Despite the plethora of medical inventions, diabetic devices and apps there are no inventions to understand the holistic health status of diabetic patients and study the multiple parameters dwelling into the pathophysiology of diabetic patients and their health status of kidney, liver, lipids, metabolites crabs and proteins. Lack of inventions or drugs to track the disease progression leads to increased costs and reactive treatments.

Innovosen’s first product, SMASH (Sweat Metabolite Analysis for Sports & Health) is a non-invasive, continuous monitoring, multiparametric sweat sensor, capable of sensing glucose, lactate and other electrolytes. SMASH is reinforced by a proprietary algorithm to study multiple parameters in different permutations and combinations understand the pathophysiology of a patient and to make meaningful conclusions and recommendations. SMASH, which targets for type 1, type 2, gestational and prediabetes, sufferers, will help diabetic patients and care givers understand the multi-parameters that contribute to high or low levels of glucose while making meaningful collective analysis of multiple parameters and help predict early signs of hyper- and hypo- glycemia. The team behind Innovosens brings together a unique combination of scientists and software engineers.

For further information, visit the company’s website at www.innovosens.com



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