Amazon’s Halo Fitness Tracker Will Soon Be Able To Judge Your Movement Health By Using Your Smartphone Camera

Amazon Halo Movement Health

As we age, our muscles become less toned and less able to contract because of changes in the muscle tissue and the nervous system. This makes us susceptible to pulling a muscle while performing basic tasks like carrying packages or moving furniture. Amazon has decided to prevent that by adding a new feature called Movement Health to its Halo health-tracking wearable.

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Launched last year, Amazon Halo is the company’s first wearable. In addition to tracking health, fitness, and sleep metrics, it also measures your body fat percentage (through user-submitted photos) and analyzes your tone of voice throughout the day, reports Mashable.

A 10-minute assessment test will have you put yourself into different poses for the camera. The movements will consist of forward lunges, overhead squats and reaches, feet together squats, and single leg balances. The video will then be used by Amazon’s servers where it will analyze it and use it create a customized workout routine to improve your “stability, mobility, and posture.” The service is expected to launch “in the coming weeks.”

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Just like Halo’s body fat scan, the Movement Health video will be sent to Amazon’s cloud servers. There the video will be analyzed only by its algorithms (and not humans), and then promptly deleted both from the cloud and from your phone. The videos are encrypted in transit and when they’re (briefly) at rest in Amazon’s cloud, and no one, including you, ever sees them, Amazon said. The Halo fitness band isn’t used in any particular way during the scan.

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Halo will then make a personalized program and deliver it to you. The program will feature corrective exercise videos based on your results to help you improve on your technique. Users should complete these workouts at least three days a week. After that they should reassess their movement using the Halo app every two to four weeks, Amazon said.

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