Vivalink Launches End-to-end Biometrics Data Platform For Remote Patient Monitoring and Clinical Trials

Vivalink Biometrics Data Platform

Vivalink, a specialist in virtual care and digital clinical trials, announced the launch of its enhanced Biometrics Data Platform to accelerate the development and deployment of patient monitoring and data analysis applications for ambulatory and remote settings. Vivalink’s Biometrics Data Platform completes the company’s end-to-end solution that includes both advanced data services as well as medical wearable sensors.

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As the first real-world evidence data platform of its kind, Vivalink’s integrated Biometrics Data Platform is available as a data and insights service platform for digital healthcare solution providers serving the virtual care and drug development markets. The platform is able to accelerate time-to-market by removing the development and regulatory complexities associated with wearable sensors, edge networks, data integration, and data analytics, according to a press release.

The Biometrics Data Platform combines Vivalink’s best-in-class medical wearable sensors for continuous and episodic data capture, a clinical patient mobile app, advanced data processing, and machine learning technologies. It’s able to automatically collect a continuous stream of vital signs and biometrics in real-world settings such as when the patient is at home or ambulatory, and ensures data is delivered successfully from any location for centralized analysis and processing in order to extract clinically relevant insights in real-time or retrospectively.

The patient-friendly sensors integrated into the platform have obtained regulatory clearance in major geographic regions including the USA, EU, and China. Vivalink offers the largest range of reusable sensors for human vital sign monitoring, with recently updated temperature and multi-vital cardiac ECG sensors that have improved usability with extended data cache, improved battery life, and stronger network connectivity. Such improvements were made based on their years of experience in real world patient applications. The Vivalink data platform adheres to HIPAA and GDPR, and is developed per FDA Design Controls, ISO 13485, IEC 62304, ISO 14971.

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Key features of the Biometrics Data Platform include:

  • Wide range of patient-friendly medical wearable sensors for automated continuous data capture of human vital signs and key metrics
  • Remote data transfer and synchronization technologies to ensure data ingestion and delivery
  • Live and retrospective data access, with raw and filtered data, supported by an advanced biometric data lake for machine learning and AI
  • Automated data transformation for clinical database ingestion
  • Cloud-based regulatory-cleared, advanced algorithms including automated arrhythmia detection and reporting to generate real-time insights
  • Data integration, complete with FHIR support, web services APIs, Webhook support
  • Data visualization tools
  • Complete systems management of sessions, sensors and more

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Vivalink (Formerly VivaLNK) has experienced strong adoption of its platform in ambulatory cardiac monitoring, virtual care, and decentralized clinical trials. More than 100 digital healthcare solution partners and customers in 25 countries are delivering a wide range of medical applications based on this platform.

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