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Introducing THIM, The World’s 1st Wearable to Improve Sleep

Thim is the brainchild of University Professor Leon Lack. He is a researcher and practicing clinical sleep psychologist. He is well known in the field of wearable technologies for the development of the Re-Timer light therapy glasses. Professor Lack collaborated with Ben Olsen, CEO and Founder of the Re-Timer company, to develop that device. Leon […]

Leaking? There is a Wearable for That.

As you know by now, WT loves wearable tech. We search the entire world to find upcoming devices to solve problems of daily life. Now, I know we have all been there at one time or another.. but isn’t it embarrassing when you are in public and all of a sudden find yourself in desperate […]

Update on Sleep Tracking Wearables

Are you sleeping enough to be the most productive today? Seems like acquiring enough sleep is one of the biggest health problems we face today. Scientist have spent a long time researching the value of sleep and how to ensure the best quality. Wearables have been the tech device to go to when providing a […]

How to Solve Pain, an Interview with Hivox-Biotek

Pain ranges in places and strength. The complexity of pain has resulted in a handful of solutions, however there aren’t many options for people who want a non-invasive and medicine-free option. That is, until now. Hivox-Biotek has created several “stickable” devices that can minimize your pain. We will dive a bit deeper into what Hivox-Biotek […]

How Wearables are Helping Cure Cancer

Healthcare is changing fast these days. The future of wearable technology is fought for by its ability to capture data from the body and provide insight into an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Outcomes are looking sharp based off of today’s news and developments. The WT team thinks that Healthcare Wearables will be the long-standing category […]

How Celebs are using Wearables for Creating Connected Crowds

WT has been searching the globe far and wide for new and awesome wearables. The WT | Team has recently spotted a few celebs playing around with some cool gadgets. Besides the most popular Apple Watch and Fitbit accessories celebs have been using wearables to entertain their fans. Reggie Watts is one of the first to try […]