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Super Skinny Batteries

People were blown away with 3D printing and the possibly it unleashed for prototyping. Now, we can print metals onto flexible circuits to create printed batteries! Printing batteries is similar in concept to 3D printing, but possibly more powerful in application. Flexible, skinny batteries are the innovation necessary to implement wearables into the Internet of […]

Investigating Temperature

Now-a-days the weather is cliché to speak about, but important in deciding what clothing to wear. Instead, it is cool to analysis the temperature inside and around the body. WT | Wearable Technologies has researched ten different companies that monitor a person’s health by collecting body temperature data. The products vary from in the ear, to […]

Be Fit. Run Smart.

Check out our latest compilation of running wearables. These new products do more than record, they can coach you! Do you need coaching on the perfect running technique? Do you hit the ground with your heel first or your toes? Did you even notice? These questions are what Kinematix, in collaboration with IEE, can answer. […]

Why You Shouldn’t Miss the WT| Conference in San Francisco

Less than a week until our infamous 16th annual WT | Wearable Technologies Conference in San Francisco! It is expected to bring the heat into the mildly chilly Bay Area. Prepare yourself fo s Festival Pavilion. On July 9th you will hear speakers from international companies share their progress and r two days of informational […]

We Need to Work Together as a Community

We are gearing up for the WT | Wearable Technologies conference in Toronto, Canada on September 10th! For this event, WT | Wearable Technologies has partner with MaRS to provide the wearable ecosystem with a phenomenal experience!  Below is an interview we had with our trusted partner Tom Emrich.   MaRS is partnering with WT | Wearable Technologies for our […]