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Illuminate Your Independence

Ah the warmth of summer in America. The hot air brings a feeling of relaxation alongside a bit of spare time for reflecting on American cultures and traditions. What a long journey we have traveled from horse and wagon to wearable technology. In this article you will find some fun, quirky, and even practical wearables […]

Innovations presented at WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 USA in San Francisco –...

With nearly two weeks to go, WT | Wearable Technologies will spice up San Francisco, California with our international ecosystem of wearables! Late registration for the conference begins on June 26. This day is also our deadline for booking an event Demo Package. Time is now! Hurry to get on the wearable train! Not too […]

A World within Ours

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 (E3) has taken over the scene with all new and amazing advancements in virtual reality gaming. Located in Los Angeles, they have brought a conglomeration of gaming generations to their event.  WT | Wearable Technologies is curious about the expansion of interaction with the body, motion control, and sensing technology in order […]

Fitting in Seamlessly

WT | Wearable Technologies interviewed the creators of a wearable wellness device, UpRight. They will be speaking more about their development process at our San Francisco conference this July 9-10, 2015!  For a sneak peek at what they are offering the wearable industry take a quick look at our interview.   Can you briefly explain […]

Enhancing Motion

The private sector is consistently researching and developing technology behind closed doors and locked information from internet access. WT | Wearable Technologies is curious about what wearable devices were once hiding behind the curtain and now transparent to the public’s eye. In the past six months, the American media has brought forth a tsunami of […]

Technology in disguise! Wearable Technologies for Cosmetics.

Within the past year, the cosmetic industry has began to emerge a forceful wearable presence. When it comes to combining human desire to look flawless, and the rapid evolution of technology, wearable technologies can begin a new conversation of a few wearable cosmetic products. PH.D. John A. Rogers, founder of MC10 wants to merge cosmetics, […]