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Devices To Help You Stop Your Bad Habits.

There are many reasons why a person would want to quit smoking or to drink less. There are global health issues across the board with over consuming these types of drugs. However, wearable technology is here to help you grow through your habit changing process. Smoking: In 2015, Chrono Therapeutics spoke on the main stage […]

Impression from the WT | Picnic 2016

On June 1 and 2 we featured the world wide annual WT | Wearable Technologies Picnic 2016. For the 3rd year in a row we had several organizers from cities all over the world invite people interested in wearable tech for a picnic. This year the WT | Picnic was in 10 cities: Los Angeles, […]

“We Believe in Patient Empowerment and Remote Patient Monitoring Tools,” Waqaas Al-Siddiq, CEO of...

It’s hard when you are hindered by illness and unable to feel normal in your daily routines. Sensor worn technology is at a point where it can be utilized to guarantee health and wellness transparency from the inside out.  biotricity is a prominent start-up impacting the WT | Market. They will be exhibiting their work at […]

The World’s First Wearable-for-Good™: Interview with Rajesh Anandan, SVP of UNICEF Ventures

UNICEF Ventures has began to look at the industry of wearable tech as a tool to help save world hunger – and if you ask me, it’s freaking awesome. They have created a great proactive business model that aims to eliminate global malnutrition. They do it by engaging children to get active and play. UNICEF […]

The 3rd Annual WT | Picnic: Compiling the World

Sign up before it’s too late for the 3rd annual WT | Wearable Technologies Picnic on June 1st. This is a worldwide event that features WT lovers in your local hub. Each event is organized by a local member for the WT | Network, for 2016 we have a total of 10 picnic locations. Each local picnic […]

A New Rhythm in Payment; Interview with FitPay CEO, Michael Orlando

Do you own a Pebble watch? Well, you’re in luck because your smartwatch is about to be a lot cooler. Now, with the power of FitPay you are able to make contactless payments. Pagare is the name, and the story is told by CEO and Co-founder of FitPay, Michael Orlando. What makes FitPay different than […]