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Are Smart Rings Evolving Beyond the Look of Costume Jewelry?

There have been eleven smart rings that have hit the market in the past 5 years. A few of them are no longer on the market due to a lack of market acceptance. People do not seem to care to adopt connected technology a few years ago. However, as the push for paper-less work becomes […]

RIP to the Wearables at the Bottom of the Sea

I participated in a Startup Accelerator taught by UC Berkeley. The first thing they drill into your head is, “Most start-ups fail than succeeded.” There are three reasons for this: 1. Poor product idea aka there is no market 2. Bad team relations 3. Not enough resources. Wearables is a challenging industry to pop yourself […]

Join the WT | Picnic 2016 in a City Near You

The 3rd annual WT | Picnic is less than a month away on JUNE 1. For those that do not know, the WT | Picnic is a worldwide event that happens once a year. We invite organizers from around the globe to host this WT | Session in their local area. Everything happens all on […]

Tech for a Better Private Life

They say a lot of things about how a person should act, but truthfully a person’s body can go through many phases. Some of them are not the most comfortable to talk about, even so it is important to know what your body is telling you in order to respond correctly. The best attribute of […]

Hide your Tracking: Is It A New Trend in WT?

I have a confession: some days I do not wear my Fitbit because it does not look cute with my outfit. I began to think if there were ways to gain a better fashionista approach to tracking my fitness. I could buy another tracker that is more my style, but then I would have double […]