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Wearables For a New Listening Experience

Even though portable music systems such as the walkman have been around for almost 30 years, with the rise of smartphones, mobile listening has become much more popular. A new breed of wearables aims to further innovate the way we experience sound on the go, bringing about new opportunities for audiophiles, athletes, gamers and many […]

Wearable Technologies News Roundup – March

Google Announces the Wearable Platform Android Wear Google has announced its new wearable platform Android Wear, which is aimed to support manufacturers and developers in providing a good user experience with their smartwatches and apps. Android Wear offers a SDK for developers that makes it easy to run their apps on various smartwatch designs (in […]

The Wearable Technologies SmartGlass Overview

Since the announcement of Google Glass back in 2012, there has been a huge hype over the face-worn computer. While it’s the most discussed of its type, Glass is surely not the only smart glasses in development and unlike Google a few other companies have already brought their smart glasses to the market. To give […]

Wearable Technologies News Roundup – February

Wearables Go Big at the Mobile World Congress Many companies presented their new wearables at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Samsung introduced three new products: The second generation Galaxy Gear smartwatch, one of which now has a camera built into the housing, and a simpler model that comes without a camera. In contrast to the first, […]

Narrative Clip – Photographic memory for everybody

How does it feel for oneself or for the people around you to wear a live logging camera? A self-experiment and an interview with Oscar Kalmaru, the CMO of Narrative.

The Ultimate Smartwatches Review by Wearable Technologies

Though it is already the second wave of smartwatches this product type is still at an early market stage. Especially when looking at their role in the wearables consumer market in 2013 and compared to the current success of activity trackers. However, there are many smartwatches available right now which in some cases even can […]