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Sam Draper () is Online Editor at WT | Wearable Technologies specialized in the field of sports and fitness but also passionated about any new lifestyle gadget on the market.Sam can be contacted at press(at)wearable-technologies.com.
Hp gaming headset

HP’s New Gaming Headset Cools You Down

In a bid to solve one of the nagging problems of using over-the-ear headphones, HP has produced a new headset that cools your ears. If you’ve used such a headphone, you know that it becomes intolerably hot after hours of use and some materials cause your ears to become sweaty. HP’s new headset comes with […]
Ava babies

Ava Announces More Than 1,000 Babies Born to Users of Its Fertility Tracking Bracelet

Ava, a med tech company that produces fertility tracking wearable devices, has announced that 1,000 of its customers around the world have successfully given birth after using the company’s popular cycle tracking Ava bracelet to help them conceive. Since its official launch in July 2016, the company has reported more than 10,000 pregnancies among its […]
Digitization in healthcare

How Digitization Can Be A Game Changer in Healthcare

Digitization across healthcare industry has aided the health service providers to create a strong and evaluative infrastructure by focusing on the patient’s needs. Digitization has revolutionized people’s perception of healthcare. Adoption of technology and IT in the healthcare industry has transformed patient-doctor relationship and empowered people to take part in personal and family health management […]
Samsung leaks galaxy watch

Samsung Accidentally Leaks the New Galaxy Watch On Its Own Website

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been hearing leaked reports on Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch. The South Korean tech company accidentally revealed the image of the new watch on its own US website, where it remained for a few minutes before someone realized and took it down. Thankfully not before CNET could nab a screengrab. […]
Wearable drug delivery

How Wearable Devices Are Changing the World of Drug Delivery

Wearable devices are changing the way drugs are delivered. The size of the market opportunity for Large Volume Wearable Injectors (LVIs) alone has been estimated at $8.1 billion by 2025, with over 50% of this driven by devices to deliver drugs for cancer and associated conditions. With the commercialization of the first wearable self-injection system […]
Google glass AI

Google Glass Lives! It’s Back Now with Artificial Intelligence

Google’s discontinued AR glasses is about to come back to life with new features like Artificial Intelligence. Plataine, an Israeli software company demonstrated a new app for the face-mounted gadget at a conference in San Francisco devoted to Google’s cloud computing business, last week. Aimed at manufacturing workers, the new app is more like Amazon […]