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Recap WT | Wearable Technologies Conference EUROPE

The WT | Wearable Technologies Conference took place from February 5th to 6th – bigger than ever before at the ISPO Munich. The 33rd edition of the event gathered the innovation and industry experts from the entire wearable ecosystem to discuss the latest technologies, upcoming trends and share their knowledge. The extensive exhibition and inspiring […]
LG executives IFA 2018

IFA 2018: LG CEO and CTO’s Keynotes Outline Ambitious Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

In a joint opening keynote at the IFA 2018 in Berlin, LG Electronics CEO Jo Seong-jin and CTO Dr. I.P Park outlined their vision for LG’s ThinQ strategy for Artificial Intelligence. This is the first time the company’s top executives have delivered a keynote address at any major global exhibition. The speech marks a significant […]
Canadian athletes computerized pill

Canadian Athletes Will Swallow Computerized Pill to Prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games in...

The Canadian team participating in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 is supposed to prepare for the Games, which is expected to be held in sweltering hot weather, by swallowing a small computerized pill that measures deep body temperature during training and competition. French company BodyCap, who was among the speakers at the WT Wearable […]
Klik event engagement

Klik: Smart Interactive Wearable that Provides Event Engagement Solution

Canadian company PixMob has launched Klik, an event engagement platform that enhances an attendee’s overall event experience. Klik is for meeting, conference and convention organizers who want to give their attendees a better experience by reducing screen time, while at the same time gathering useful ROI data without hindering that experience. Klik ships worldwide to […]
Healthstyle life

Healthstyles That Will Help You Live Healthy and Boost Mental Abilities

We all know what health is. It is the ability of a biological system to acquire, allocate, convert, distribute, and utilize energy sustainably. In its 1948 constitution, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined human health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Now, […]
Wearables physical rehab

Wearables for Physical Activity and Rehab

The increasing popularity of wearable physical activity monitors (WPAMs), better known as fitness trackers, has enabled the integration of technology into physical activity intervention and evaluation. However, according to a study published in the journal BioMedical Engineering OnLine, wearable technology is not only for sports and fashion enthusiasts, it can also be helpful in monitoring […]