Loreal augmented reality modiface

by Sam Draper

June 22, 2018

L’Oreal Trying Augmented Reality to Bring the Makeup Counter Into Your Home

L’Oreal announced that it has acquired augmented reality startup Modiface, a company that helped create many custom AR beauty apps, including those from Estee Lauder and Sephora. “We acquired Modiface because we absolutely believe that services are the future of beauty,” Lubomira Rochet, L’Oréal’s Chief Digital Officer told Forbes. “People are really craving for experiences […]

marc jacobs touchscreen smartwatch

by Sam Draper

June 21, 2018

Marc Jacobs’ Fashionable Smartwatch Features a Touchscreen and a Long Battery Life

The way smartwatch market is doing, it’s tough to get excited about yet another Wear OS device. But Marc Jacobs isn’t stepping back; the fashion designer has showed up fashionably late to the party. The new Marc Jacobs smartwatch has a touchscreen and runs entirely on Wear OS. Modeled off its existing Riley hybrid smartwatch, […]

Fitbit shipped million versa watches

by Sam Draper

June 14, 2018

Fitbit Has Shipped Over A Million Versa Smartwatches Since April

According to the initial sales figures for Fitbit’s second smartwatch, the company has shipped over a million Fitbit Versa watches since it went on sale in mid-April. This report adds to the encouraging indications by CEO James Park that the Versa watches had the best first-week sell-through of any wearable in the history of the […]

Montblanc twin smart strap

by Johanna Mischke

May 31, 2018

Montblanc Introduces TWIN Smart Strap and Wireless Payment Platform

Montblanc has unveiled a new TWIN Smart Strap that can be attached to most watches to make them smart. The TWIN Smart Start features notifications, activity tracking, vibration alerts and can make wireless payments. According to the luxury watchmaker, the new Montblanc TWIN Smart Strap will “transform traditional timepieces into connected digital companions” The new […]

Oura ring sleep tracker

by Stefanie Crucius

May 31, 2018

Oura Ring Ships First Pre-Orders to US, Canada

Are you getting enough sleep? Do you sleep sound or experience disturbed sleep pattern? If you aren’t sure about these questions and think you might have sleeping problems then Oura ring is for you. Oura ring, a sleep tracker, has started shipping the first pre-orders of its new rings to customers in the United States […]