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Sprayable antenna

Wearable Spray-On Antenna May Make Future Wearable Devices Ultra Compact

In the near future, you may need to spray an antenna on your clothes for your mobile phone. Researchers at Drexel University’s College of Engineering in Philadelphia have developed a new spray-on antenna, which can be applied as easily as spray paint or bug spray. Read more Robotic Skin Made from Spray Coated Tactile Sensor […]
Future health wearables

The State of Wearable Technology in Healthcare: Current and Future

With the advancement of technology, healthcare is getting more access to patient information to understand patient behaviors and improved care. The proliferation of wearables such as Fitbit to FDA approved medical devices shows that wearable tech is poised to disrupt the healthcare industry. Markets and Markets report shows that the global market for medical wearable […]
Glucose powered implants

Washington University Researchers Use Glucose as Power Source for Medical Implants

Popular health wearables such as smartwatches or implanted medical devices and patches typically require batteries which need to be recharged. Now, researchers at Washington State University have found a method to overcome that obstacle; they’ve developed a unique fuel cell that harvests glucose and turns it into enough electric power to energize a biosensor attached […]
Self powered biosensors

Flexible self-powered biosensors for Precisely and Continuously Monitoring Biological Signals

Future wearables for measuring biological signs such as heart rate or blood pressure will come in the form of flexible electronic devices, because they are lightweight, can bind to human skin and can tolerate mechanical deformation. However, most of these devices are bulky and rely on external power source to operate. Sungjun Park of the […]
Deep brain stimulation

CRC 1261 Research on Developing Biomagnetic Diagnostics System to Continuously Adjust Deep Brain Stimulation

Scientists at the Collaborative Research Centre CRC 1261 are conducting studies to develop biomagnetic diagnostic system which could be used to continuously adjust deep brain stimulation. Read more New Method of Deep Brain Stimulation Adapts to Patient’s Changing Needs For powerful diagnostic practices of magnetoencephalography (MEG) for brain or magnetocardiography (MCG) for heart functions, it […]
Washable smart fabric

MIT Researchers Develop Soft Washable Fabrics Embedded with Optoelectronic Diodes

With the growing popularity of smart clothes, many researchers are now trying to enhance the fiber functionality in order to develop more enhanced smart clothes. Optical fibers are usually made by creating a cylindrical objects known as “preform,” then heating it, but this method is limited to materials that are inferior in performance. Now researchers […]