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e-skin Sleep & Lounge: Wearable for elderly’s wellbeing e-skin Sleep & Lounge by Xenoma is a smart apparel for the wellbeing and health monitoring of elderly people. It analyzes the wearer’s sleep condition and automatically adjusts the room environment based on their sleep conditions, while also enabling everyday monitoring of their behavior and fall detection. […]


MoNoA developed a unique product, a tracker that allows to transform almost every watch and bracelet into a SMART device increasing your wellbeing. The universal and discreet design ensures that the tracker is barely visible.  In addition to the usual activity and sleep tracking products , the accessory also measures stress by GSR (Galvanic Skin […]

November 2019

Raccoon.Recovery: goal-oriented physical rehabilitation tool based on ML, Big Data and video gaming that makes recovery after injuries and neurological diseases fast, engaging, effective and accessible to everyone in need. At the same time, it helps rehab centres to increase revenue up to +150%. Raccoon has built hardware devices to attach to patient’s arms, legs, […]


Pocket Sky: Activate yourself with light. Anytime, anywhere. Natural light runs our body clock. Working late at night, getting up while it is still dark, feeling jet-lagged after a long flight or suffering from winter blues: All too often we are out of synch with our environment. Fatigue, low spirits, performance- and health issues and […]


Instabeat: Immersive swimming wearable to help swimmers improve performance with real time training optimization In terms of connectivity and technology, swimming has always been slightly behind other endurance sports as measuring heart rate, the most common training metric is challenging in water. Competitive swimmers are rarely using wearables but that could be changing with Instabeat´s technology. […]


Aktiia was founded in Switzerland in May 2018 out of a passion to create the best tool for diagnosis and treatment of hypertension. Aktiia’s founders, Mattia Bertschi (CEO) and Josep Solà (CTO), worked day in and day out for 15 years to research and understand the language of our heart signals and decode key markers […]