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Augmented reality: What comes after eyeglasses?

Wearable Technologies are predestined to be implemented in augmented reality solutions, because this computer-assisted expansion of the perception of reality can apply to all the human senses. Almost considered “classic” augmented reality Wearable Technologies products include such devices as eyeglasses and head-mounted displays that insert computer-generated images into the “real world” of the wearer. An […]

Solar charging

The use of solar power in Wearable Technologies products has been a hot topic for many years and, at present, there are a number of great solar-powered products in the marketplace. These include, for instance, solar bags and backpacks that feature very cleverly integrated solar modules. One such product is the solar-panel studded handbag, a […]

The Sixth Dimension in Wearable Technologies

Christian Stammel, CEO Navispace AG and founder of Wearable Technologies, on the sixth dimension of Wearable Technologies: Because WT so closely relates to the functions of human beings, WT products should cater to all five human senses – hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell. Dimension one (hearing) covers such products as hearing aids and Bluetooth […]

Shoot, watch, share – wearable cameras

Skateboarders do it, Snowboarders do it, almost all action sports enthusiasts do it or have done it once – they have all filmed themselves or have been filmed in action. Because they allow you to shoot directly, from a first-person view, wearable cameras offer totally new perspectives. The image quality offered by the latest models […]