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Wearables for Men

Saving your manhood against the sedentary lifestyle, work related stress, accelerated ageing, stopping snoring for a healthy sleep or biopsy for the prostate. Nowadays, we have plenty of devices specially developed and designed for men. Let WT | Wearable Technologies introduce you to some interesting wearable devices for men´s health. Prostate/Pelvic Coil ScanMed was born […]
physIQ pinpointIQ VitalConnect

Netherlands-Based Haga Teaching Hospital Partners with physIQ and VitalConnect for Continuous Monitoring of Cancer...

Netherlands-based Haga Teaching Hospital is teaming up with physIQ, and VitalConnect to conduct a study on how wearable biosensors and artificial intelligence (AI) can add to the care for cancer patients undergoing treatment. The study, funded by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, is looking to see how wearable technology can provide early clinical indication of adverse events sometimes […]

Wearables Can Help You Get Pregnant

Most women want to have a baby at some point in their lives. Yet, understanding when the perfect time for your body to conceive can be difficult. In order to lessen the stress, we found wearables that will help determine your ovulating days and make your chances of having a baby that much higher. Most […]

Detecting Breast Cancer!

Breast cancer is one of those things every woman has in the back of her mind as she grows older; especially if breast cancer runs in the family. We have all heard that an actress Angelina Jolie decided for double mastectomy when finding out she carries the gene which would increase her risk of potentially […]
AI radar technology diabetes

Artificial Intelligence and Radar Technologies to Measure Blood Glucose

Artificial intelligence (AI) and radar technology can help people with diabetes manage their conditions without drawing blood. Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada have developed a small non-invasive device by combining radar and AI to help people manage blood glucose levels without having to traumatically poke the skin or draw blood. “We want […]

Interview with Greg Gallagher – founder of Snuza

“The alarm went off this morning around 5 am to let me know that my daughter had not taken a breath in 20+ seconds, I was able to wake her and she started breathing again”. This is a story of one of many parents that have experienced the benefits of using Snuza. We are very excited […]