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E Ink and Faubel Unveil the Med Label to Revolutionize the Clinical Trial Supply...

E Ink® Holdings, speaker at this year´s WT | Wearable Technologies Conference EUROPE and the leading innovator of electronic ink technology, and Faubel & Co. Nachf. GmbH, a proven supplier to the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, announced the availability of the Faubel-Med®Label, a smart label for investigational medicinal products. The Med Label features E Ink’s low-voltage […]
Digital tech in life sciences

How Digital Technology is Transforming the Life Sciences Industry

A recent Ernst & Young study explored how large number of available data on human body is helping the healthcare industry to provide more effective and personalized patient care. According to the study, technology is changing the operating model and practices of existing industry players, creating new opportunities for non-traditional players, and redefining the role […]

Trouble sleeping?

New developments in the area of Wearable Technologies could be just the remedy — and not just in a professional sleep lab setting, but also in the comfort of your home. Folks who own iPhones can use the device as a sleep monitor. The integrated sensor in the newer smartphone generations makes it possible for […]
AI radar technology diabetes

Artificial Intelligence and Radar Technologies to Measure Blood Glucose

Artificial intelligence (AI) and radar technology can help people with diabetes manage their conditions without drawing blood. Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada have developed a small non-invasive device by combining radar and AI to help people manage blood glucose levels without having to traumatically poke the skin or draw blood. “We want […]
Hearables healthcare

Hearables Are Going to Revolutionize Healthcare, Here’s How

Hearables such as smart hearing aids are already making a big impact on the healthcare industry by helping people with poor hearing improve their conditions. But what other ways hearables can change healthcare? We’ll discuss here few ways hearables are going to revolutionize healthcare. Read more Sonion-Valencell Collaboration Aims to Make Biometrics Universal in Hearables […]
Healthcare wearables WTEU19

WTEU19: These Companies Want to Revolutionize Healthcare with Their Smart Wearables

With the advancement in technology, healtcare now has more access to patient data. Simple wearables like Fitbits to FDA-approved Medtronic devices are all helping doctors understand patient behaviors in order to improve care. At this year’s WT | Wearable Technologies Conference & Exhibition at ISPO Munich on Feb 3-6, the companies listed below will be […]