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Hugo boss touch

Hugo Boss Discontinues its First Smartwatch The Boss Touch After Less Than A Year

Hugo Boss has discontinued its first smartwatch the Boss Touch on While the watch is still available on the company’s website, Movado Group, the maker of Boss Touch has confirmed the smartwatch is being phased out. While Movado didn’t give a reason for the discontinuation, one obvious reason could be poor sales, according to […]
Re-timer sleep better

Re-Timer: Light-Therapy Glasses to Help You Get Some Sleep

Working irregular hours, living through the winter months and traveling to different time zones can greatly affect your mood and productivity. Studies have shown that you can readjust your sleeping pattern using light therapy. Re-Timer is a wearable device that delivers light therapy to help you sleep better. Developed based on 25 years of research […]
Breakthrough innovations WTUS18

Breakthrough Innovations That Will Shape Our Future

The impact of technology is forcing many companies to try to adopt new strategies. To be a leader in your industry you need to change, adapt, and innovate. Breakthrough innovation is when a developer or a company takes a current product or process and provides greater efficiency or cost effectiveness. At our WT | Wearable […]
Pup smart socks

New Smart Socks Help Prevent Patient Falls

Palarum LLC., a Lebanon, Ohio-based startup has developed smart socks that can reduce the chance of patients falling. PUP (Patient is Up) is the most technologically advanced, nurse-centric, patient mobility system in healthcare. The company has raised $3.8 million in a Series A round of funding. Read more Baby Sock Monitor Firm Owlet Raises $24 […]
MyndMove wearable device

This Wearable Medical Device Could Help Paralyzed People Move

Researchers in Canada have created an electrical assistive device called MyndMove that helps people with paralysis move on their own. Anita Keyzer became a quadriplegic after a crash in 1996. “The doctor came up to me and he literally just told me point blank, ‘You broke your neck and you’re never going to walk again,’” […]
Virtual reality help kids immunization

Virtual Reality Help Kids Overcome Fear of Immunization

If you are a parent then you know how difficult it is to get your kid through immunization. While it is frustrating for you, it is scary for your child as well. Children receiving vaccines are exposed to needles on numerous occasions throughout their childhood which leads to needle phobia. Needle phobia and needle anxiety […]