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Airpower charging mat

Long-awaited AirPower Charging Mat by Apple Rumored to Ship in September

The long-awaited AirPower wireless charger by Apple may finally appear in market in September following astonishing disclosures about the reasons for this extraordinary delay. Bloomberg reports that the AirPower, announced alongside the iPhone X in 2017, has been delayed because of numerous “technical hurdles,” including overheating, problems with circuitry and software requiring additional engineering time. […]
smart clothes

Smart Clothes Are Available At a Store Near You, Choose the One That Fits...

Smart clothing or E-textiles first appeared in 2015. Companies are slowly adopting this novel concept of connected garments. Smart clothes are more than just gadgets adorning our wrists, ears, faces and feet, they can track our heart, monitor our emotions and even pay for the morning coffee – all with the help of embedded sensors […]
Stretchable bendable circuits

Stretchable, Bendable Electronic Circuits Could Give Way to Flexible Electronics

Chinese scientists have developed an innovative hybrid material – part elastic polymer, part liquid metal – that can stretch, bend, and has the potential for wearable circuits and biocompatible electronics. The material can be cast in most two-dimensional shapes and, can be totally non-toxic. “These are the first flexible electronics that are at once highly […]
Tiny sensors for medical devices

Tiny Sensors Pave Way For New Wearable Medical Diagnostic Devices

Australian National University (ANU) researchers have created tiny optical sensors that open the door to developing wearable medical devices that allow doctors to diagnose people’s health in real time. The sensors are 50 times thinner than a human hair, and are intended to allow doctors and patients manage various chronic diseases like diabetes. “These ultra-small […]
Medtronic guardian connect gets FDA approval

Medtronic’s Smartphone-Connected CGM System Gets FDA Approval

Medtronic’s Guardian Connect, a smartphone-connected continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) for people with diabetes, has received FDA approval. This is the first standalone CGM system to help diabetics keep ahead of high and low glucose levels as it transmits directly to the iPhone without the help of any other receiver. The device will greatly benefit […]
Conformal 3D-Shaped Coatings

Conformal 3D-Shaped Coatings Could Be a Game-Changer in Conductive Ink Business

In conductive ink business, a leading frontier is conformal coating on 3D-shaped objects. A report titled “Conductive Ink Markets 2018-2028: Forecasts, Technologies, Players” explains growing trends of 2 categories of conductive inks: Aerosol-deposited 3D-shaped antennas, and 2. Conformal on-chip EMI shielding. Aerosol deposition Aerosol deposition is controlled digitally and has fewer process steps and a […]