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Top 5 Hybrid Smartwatches

Top 5 Hybrid Smartwatches in 2018

Hybrid watches are dominating the current smartwatch market. So, what’s a hybrid smartwatch? Well, to put it simply, hybrid smartwatches have all the features found in a smartwatch, except it has a traditional watch design, unlike regular smartwatches where you have a full touch screen display. Whether you’re a style freak or want something that […]
Machine learning improving exosuit performance

Using Machine Learning Algorithm to Personalize Wearables

Assistive devices like exosuits are being manufactured by various developers including the Harvard Biodesign Lab. In order to make these soft, assistive devices work properly, the wearer and the robot need to be in sync. However, since every human moves in a different style, tailoring a robot to fit the need of an individual user […]
Wearable predicts epileptic seizure

Scientists Develop AI System That Can Predict Epileptic Seizure

Scientists in Australia have developed a low-cost wearable that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) system to predict and alert an epileptic patient when a seizure is likely to strike. The predictive algorithm has sensitivity of up to 81.4% and false prediction rate as low as 0.06/hour. Epileptic seizures are triggered by a disruption in the electrical […]
Myosuit wearable device

Myosuit: Wearable Device that Helps Myopathy or Stroke Patients Walk

People with genetic disorders, neurological injuries or simple aging can experience muscle weakness which affects their mobility and quality of life. Many of these individuals seek help form assistive devices to regain mobility and independence. These devices range from simple wheelchairs to more advanced exoskeletons and exosuits. For assistive devices to be used in everyday […]
Apple wwdc 2018

Apple Reveals Apple Watch, IPad, IPhone, Mac Updates at its Annual WWDC 2018

Apple WWDC 2018 keynote wrapped up on Monday, June 4 in San Jose, Ca. In their keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his senior staff focused on software, announcing iOS 12, macOS 10.14, watchOS5 and tvOS 12. This year Apple didn’t announce any new hardware this year, even though at the last year’s conference the […]
5G transform wearable healthcare

New Report Explains How 5G Will Transform Wearable Devices and the Healthcare industry

In a report titled “The 5G Business Potential,” networking and Telecommunications Company Ericsson has found wearable devices and artificial intelligence will improve resource efficiency and meet consumer demands for greater convenience and freedom of choice in the healthcare sector. The report analyzed the 5G business opportunity that comes from industrial digitalization in eight key global […]